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Sex Toys In India: Goldsextoy embarked its journey in the year 2016 with a crystal clear vision. It was just to inspire positivity in people so that they can analyze their sexuality without any diffidence. So, before we could progress to sell out sex toys in India, we decided to talk to all types of genders and know their reactions towards picking up sex toys.


The Survey Clicked and We Started Off

As per the findings of Goldsextoy, it was found that around 56% of men and 44% of women were keen to play with adult products. Men voted mostly for cock rings and vagina-enabled masturbators while women emphasized on using vibrating dildos and lubricants. However, the most common query that popped up from this survey is where and how safe it would be to buy sex toys in India.

Right at this point, Goldsextoy picked up the momentum and started selling products to different corners of India. Rather, it might be hard to believe that we even received orders and delivered them timely to such locations which we had never really heard before. Today, we have stepped in the metros and prospered well, and we are happy with the responses we have got till date while selling sex toys in India.


Buying Sexual Wellness Products is Legal

Goldsextoy confronted a lot of customers who came up with the question of lawfulness regarding buying online sex toys in India. Technically, the truth says that the products that are being talked about here are solely related to sexual wellness.

There is no such law in actuality which states the prohibition of sexual wellness products. The term ‘sex’ might sound obscene when objectifying the toy but it never relates to nudity or vulgarity or some illegal business.


We Deal with Absolute Legality

When it comes to buying online sex toys in India from Goldsextoy, one can be assured to stay away from legal complications. All our adult products are imported by customs regulations.

So, whenever one feels that he/she would buy a masturbator or strap-on or a silicone doll or any of the sex toys in India from our online sex toys store in India, it would be shipped and then couriered in a standard box with no details on it. Our assurance for discreet delivery shows how we respect our customer’s privacy and keep them intact forever.


Our Scenario in 2020

The metropolitan cities in India have drawn big revenues from selling sex toys in India in the last 5 years. The remote areas have given a fair start. What we also researched and found is that more than 14,800 people daily, including both men and women, stay busy browsing for adult toys India online.

Goldsextoy reported that vibrators among the women sex toys in India are usually sold in huge numbers. For men, cock rings and male strokers are always in demand. Among the couples, strap-on topped the charts. One of our market research members said that the majority of these products are available online and this has a valid reason.

A lot of Indians today still feel hesitant to let their friends and neighbors know about their intention to buy adult toys. So, when these find these fortunately at an online adult toy store in India, they know they are safe and have maintained privacy. Goldsextoy is happy to find their number of users of sex toys in India going up year after year. Hence, the year 2021 will reflect a surge in the number of customers and overall profit as well.


What Products We Own at Goldsextoy

We believe that the sexual needs of people keep changing with time. Those days are gone when girls used only dildos for self-satisfaction. Even men have moved away from the pillow-based masturbation or squeezing a pizza and taking it as the vaginal hole.

Thank god those frustrating sex-inducing ways have now been replaced with realistic sex toys in India. The objective behind this is to keep the user satisfied that he/she is having a realistic experience. Now, we bring you the types of adult toys we have and which can also be bought online with a handful of clicks.


Male Sex Toys in India

Believe it or not, many men just don’t want intercourse. Some prefer a good deal of foreplay and then proceed to missionary while some love to see their girl cum.

So, we have categorized our adult toys into various sections. Here one would get everything right from male accessories to needy adult products and sex toys in India.


Sex Toys for Male

This section brings the most fascinating sex toys for males in India like male stroker, masturbators, big artificial vagina, inflatable silicone dolls, and more. These male sex toys in India have brought the highest sales figures in a quick time.


Needy Adult Products for Male

There are so many needy sex toys for males in India. So, with our unique collection of needy products, men would find it helpful to reshape their sex life. Here one would come across products like a penis sleeve, cock ring, penis enlarger device, and more.


Female Sex Toys in India

Women would never say no to sex. Our online sex toys store in India has talked to such girls who cannot even think of leading a happy life without a sex-machine. So, here comes our section of female sex toys in India that includes various adult products for women.


Sex Toys for Female

This section deals with sex toys in India for women. Be it rabbit vibrators, fun vibrators, bullet vibrators or non-vibrators, girls will love using these sex toys for females in India for solos. Even products like electro sex toys will bring girls sexual peace in bed.


Accessories for Female

Often, women need something more than toys. Yes, there are special erotic accessories that would give girls that extra pleasure to enjoy their sex life. Vibrating panty is one of these quite popular accessories. Others include breast silicone bra and pad, and silicone breast prosthesis, nipple vibrator, etc.


Needy Adult Products for Female

Many girls are also quite needy to meet their sexual expectations. Hence, they will find here needy sex toys for female in India like pussy pumps, artificial hymen, breast enlargement cream, and more.


Couple Sex Toys in India

The demand for sex toys in India is much higher among couples, and this is no joke. Many partners are still struggling to regain happy moments in bed. Also, some couples wish to get more experimental in bed.  

Among our couple sex toys in India, the sale of anal dildos has been quite impressive. The collection of strap-on has given us plenty of prospective customers from far and wide across India. Besides, toy cleaners have also claimed a suitable position in the list of highest-selling sex toys in India for couples.


Party Sex Toys 

If you had always wanted something unusual while having sex with your partner, our bondage sex toys in India will set the mood for both you and your partner. Our exclusive collection of bondage adult toys comprises everything starting from mouth ball gag leather whip to a sex swing and chastity lock.

Don’t miss those seductive attractants that would leave partners mesmerized to come close to each other. Even you will be able to set up a seductive ambiance with scented candles and lighters available at our online sex toys store in India at hot rates.


Herbal Sex Products

There is no safer substitute than herbal sex toys in India in the context of safety and prevention. Hence, we have brought some top-quality lubricants, along with sex-inducing gels and more.

Our sex drops are also quite effective and have proved to be quite impactful for many users. Remember, all these adult products are solely related to sexual wellness and are not intended to affect one’s health.


Long Distance Sex Toys

Love and lust can be shown for long distances. Goldsextoy has proved this with its awesome collection of app control vibrators. These are app-based and work on the support of Bluetooth.  

Wherever your partner is, she needs to have the device and her smartphone ready. Once correctly installed, both would be connected and get indulged in a hot cuddling session.


Our Success Stories in Big Cities

Since the year 2016, our online sex toy store in India has covered a long journey. During this phase, it has made ways to India’s busiest and popular cities and bagged convincing responses from different people of different ages.

So, here is a quick look at where we crossed paths:


Sex Toys in Mumbai

Being one of India’s most bustling cities, Mumbai kept us alive with bulk orders from its various corners.  We were happy to sell realistic vibrators and pussy pump in huge numbers among the sex toys for female in India.

Anal dildo users were quite high among the couples while bondage toys recorded 38% of users. There were even requests for bringing more variations in silicone dolls.


Sex Toys in Kolkata

The City of Joy has always been in our list of favorites. Here women sounded to be more excited for G-spot vibrators and glass dildos among the sex toys for female in India. Double dongs were also among the demanding toys.

Men aged between 25 and 35 ordered more for spider sower masturbators and Fleshlights as well among the sex toys for male in India. The need for cock rings was also felt quite strongly among men.


Sex Toys in Delhi

Delhi is one of the happening destinations where we sold a good deal of app control vibrators and bullet vibrators as well. We get a lot of requests from this lovely city for either male masturbators or female solo gadgets like vibrators and sex machines.

Users of varying ages in Delhi have responded well to our collection of both sex toys for male in India and sex toys for female in India. This is indeed a great achievement for us and also an inspiration to upgrade our collection with time.


Sex Toys in Chennai

The demand for lubes and gels was high from Chennai. Even the request for delay sprays was noteworthy.

There were a good number of queries for penis extender sleeves among the sex toys for male in India. These were from men who were not happy with the small penis size.


Sex Toys in Hyderabad

Surprisingly, there were around 42% married women from Hyderabad who came with up orders for sex kits and luxury vibrators among the sex toys for female in India.  

Around 33% of couples also showed interest in strap-on. Out of these couples, some were lesbians while some were newly married.


Our Recommended Adult Products at Goldsextoy

Believe it or not, the importance of sex toys in India will never dim with time. People, nowadays, are so busy that many of them have even admitted that they prefer using sex toys to avoid using their hands for getting tired. More than this, some have shown the mindsets of enjoying sex in a new fashion.

So, here Goldsextoy has played a strong part by bringing some offbeat products that would surely help men and women relive their sex life.

Here are a few as per our recommendations:


We Vibe Vibrator

This is indeed a modish pick among the female sex toys in India. These vibrators are quite stylish and designed to make girls enjoy their solo sessions.

Goldsextoy recommends these sex toys for female in India to all those girls who had loved trying vibrating dildos. This one is surely going to be fun.


Vibrating Massager

You must have watched a lot of those hot videos where girls are taking erotic massages. Now you can be one of those girls lying in your cot and allowing your man to hold a vibrating massager on your clit.

This is a highly recommended product for all those couples who had always craved for engaging foreplays with erotic massages. Girls who want to try it alone will certainly enjoy their solos with these sex toys in India.


Spider Sower Masturbator

Men who are done masturbating with their poor old hands will find this a new gift for their lone hours. These masturbating sex toys for male in India are no doubt among the highest selling ones and giving men real pleasure in bed.

Undoubtedly, this male masturbator is a profitable product for men since it comes with a realistic vagina for stroking.


Electro Sex toys

Love will sprout this time in the hottest form ever with the electro sex toys. These gadgets are ideally designed for horny women who want to make the most out of it.

Goldsextoy brings some outstanding models for both veterans and newbies. The experience out of these gadgets is completely different and unmatched.


Big Artificial Vagina

Some men have dreams of vaginas and crave to stroke them hard. Goldsextoy finally meets this craving for men as here comes some great realistic female bodies with lifelike genitals.

These sex toys for male in India are made of silicone and give men pure bliss when stroked. The demand for artificial vaginas has been spotted mostly among men aged between 24 and 42.


Cock Ring

For years, men have been uttering sad stories for lack of erection. But with the type of cock rings here at Goldsextoy, things would look more positive in the coming days for men.

Well, every man wants his dick to get harder before the climax. So, cock rings will be recommended for all those men who want an erection in a quick time. These rings are easy to wear and create no discomfort at all.


Super Girl

If it’s time for men to work on their libido, the Super Girl will get this job done with ease. Be it the look, the body, the complexion, the cleavage, or the clit, all are just so real and pleasurable.

Goldsextoy has received a hell lot of orders for Super Girl from not only the metros but also from other cities like Bangalore and Rajasthan. These dolls are a bit pricey but promise to fume up men’s bed in no time.

So, you can see how these sex toys in India have changed the lives of so many men and women alike. Again, these are products of sexual wellness and never filthy or obscene. As time will pass, there will be more variations for these products, which Goldsextoy will make it available for everyone.


How to Place an Order at Goldsextoy?

Placing an order for sex toys for male in India or sex toys for female in India at our online sex toys store in India is probably one of the easiest tasks on earth. Whether you do it through our online sex toys store in India directly or through the phone, your order placement procedure will be easy and simple.

So, here are two ways through which you can order for sex toys in India to be bought through Goldsextoy:


Order from Our Online Sex Toys Store in India

Goldsextoy maintains a very easygoing store where shopping would be so hassle-free and less time-consuming. Just like one shop flexibly from an online sex toy store in India, here also one would find easy steps to proceed and place the order. The mode of payment can be chosen between cash on delivery or online payment.


Order through a Sales Executive

Alternatively, our online sex toy store in India provides this facility for everyone to call up its sales executive and accept an order request. Here some details would be taken by the concerned person who will verify and then place the order. The details of this call and other things related to it would be kept completely confidential.

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Somnath M.
Product design is nice
Couples like us always looks for something exciting to make lovemaking more special. That’s why I bought an anal dildo for my wife that definitely spiced up our relationship. This crystal beaded anal dildo is awesome at bringing out the hidden desires from my wife and made her go wild. Actually, it helped us to enjoy our private moments fully. Although I liked the product overall, I wanted a darker shade than this.
Moderated on 05/04/2021.
Ishani S.
Best product for increase the breast size
Being a woman I always love to have a bigger cup size. But it was not possible until I found this breast enhancer. The device is awesome as it helps me to pump and increase the size of my cups to some extent. Moreover, the massager helps me to get erotic vibes inside my body. As a result, I can now confidently go around with the increased cup size.
Moderated on 05/04/2021.
Kunal A.
Great ring for male at minimum price
I believe happiness for men lies in their penile power. This cock ring gave me tremendous confidence which I lost for lack of erection. As soon as I wore it, I felt so good. It actually took me a few minutes to lift it up strong and hard. Wearing it was so pleasant and I didn’t feel any irritation there. Thanks a ton guys!
Moderated on 04/07/2021.
Anshika V.
Best product for couple at the best price
If wearing strap-on is your first time, you are sure going to have fun like you had never thought of. I love this using with my partner. It is in fact so effortless to wear around the waist that you won’t have obstacles while enjoying. The material used here is quite good and makes it a lot hardy.
Moderated on 04/07/2021.
Neha S.
Best herbal product for female
Hiii…I would love to recommend this product to all those women who think their dream of having big supple boobs is over. Instead, a big thanks to you guys for sending this wonderful product home. I got the result in 20 days which I think is pretty good. No side effects for me till now! Really happy to find this bust cream on time!
Moderated on 04/07/2021.
Saqib K.
Fantastic product for male
I am speechless to find such a product for my penis. The cock ring looks like a flower and it is easy to wear also. It is very soft like a feather and quickly goes at the bottom of my penis effortlessly. I am now enjoying longer erection and my ejaculation also delays. No doubt, my stamina has increased a lot. However, the packaging is great and delivery is discreet, which is an added advantage.
Moderated on 03/17/2021.
Raja K.
This sex doll looks like just real..
Thank God, my lonely hours are no more depressing. The intimate areas of this doll are so realistic that I can’t control my naughty feelings. Moreover, the private parts are so soft and smooth that penetration is not a difficult task at all. I was previously worried about the material but now I am satisfied to have such a good-quality product which is harmless to my skin. Although I don’t have any complain against the quality of the product, the high price made me a bit sad.
Moderated on 03/13/2021.
Awdhesh K.
Fantastic spray at perfect price
The pheromone perfume is a wonderful product for me and my partner. The mesmerizing fragrance helps to create a romantic ambience in our bedroom. One single spray turns on my partner with its alluring smell. Lure pheromone attractant sexual perfume spray boosts our erotic mood and makes our private time longer. Well, we love this product like crazy.
Moderated on 03/04/2021.
Bindu K.
Hot Black Boy Realistic Vibrator RSV-033
Hot Black Boy Realistic Vibrator RSV-033
Color BLACK Total Length 8.2 Insertable Length 3.2 Dia 4.3 Material SILICONE Rechargable No Wireless No No. of...
Very nice... one of the best product for women
It is a 6.5-inch vibrator and it made me so happy. Equipped with multi speed controls, this realistic vibrator works so magically that it takes no time to bring sensations on the genitals. Quite realistically shaped and has user-friendly settings!
Moderated on 02/27/2021.
Manishs K.
This has been the safest option for my libido. I thought it might harm my skin. But I found the other way round and I got the job done. I got exceptional results. Just try it and you will definitely benefit.
Moderated on 02/19/2021.
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