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Sex Toys in India: It was 2016 when our online adult toys store, came into force. We aimed to instill optimism in people who were willing to shape up their sex life. Today in 2021, we have succeeded to come up with plenty of success stories all over India. We are now a big online store with a huge collection of sex toys in India for singles and couples. We even deliver to all cities in India including Mumbai, Delhi, Chennai, Kolkata, Hyderabad, Mysore, Pune, Thane, and more.


Our Products

In keeping with people’s sexual needs and wants, we have brought products accordingly. Our products have been designed to ensure satisfaction for all our users. In other words, we want our users to have a realistic experience with our products. So, here is a list of all the products we offer:


Male Sex Toys in India

Here at Goldsextoy, we have introduced a fine range of male adult toys for different needs. Also, we offer a super range of male accessories and even needy adult products among our online sex toys in India.


Sex Toys for Male

Starting with sex toys, we have got a sensational variety for our men. Among the sex toys for male in India, we have got products like big artificial vagina, spider sower masturbator, silicone sex dolls, big artificial vagina, etc. These male sex toys in India have gained immense popularity all over India.


Needy Products for Male

Our needy sex toys for male in India count for consideration since these play a key role in making men more proactive towards their sex life. Some of these needy toys include the penis ring, penis sleeve extender, enlargement device for penis, and more.


Female Sex Toys in India

Just ask a girl whether she wants to enjoy sex and she would come up with a yes. Our online sex toys store in India, therefore, brings incredible sex toys for female in India. These female sex toys in India at our store are not only effective to gear up one’s sex life but also quite safe to use.


Sex Toys for Female

As far as our list of sex toys in India for women is concerned, we have a super impressive compilation. It includes everything from non-vibrators, g-spot vibrators, bullet vibrators to luxury vibrators, glass dildos, and more. These sex toys for female in India can be used for both solos and foreplays.


Accessories for Female

Girls are always in need of extra pleasure to enjoy their sex life. Vibrating panty is one of these quite popular accessories. There are other sex accessories like nipple clamps, silicone breast prostheses, and more.


Needy Products for Female

Some girls always require such products that can fuel up their sexual powers. Some of these needy sex toys for female in India include breast enlargement cream, artificial hymen, pussy pumps, steel rings, and more.


Couple Sex Toys in India

The demand for sex toys in India is much higher among couples, and this is no joke. Many partners are still struggling to regain happy moments in bed. Also, some couples wish to get more experimental in bed.  

As far as our collection of couple sex toys in India at our online sex toys store is concerned, we have brought everything which a couple would love to have by their bedside. Starting from strap-on to anal dildos and toy cleaners, our sex toys in India for couples score higher in quality.


Party Sex Toys in India

The various types of bondage sex toys in India we have brought will leave all couples excited without an inch of doubt. Our exclusive collection of bondage adult toys comprises everything starting from mouth ball gag leather whip to a sex swing and chastity lock.

We also have a grand range of attractants that would keep partners stay connected to each other. Also, we have scented candles and lighters at our online sex toys store in India available at cheap prices.


Herbal Sex Toys in India

Using adult products made of herbs and natural supplements has always been a major preference for both men and women. These sex toys in India assure full-proof safety in one’s sex life. Hence, we have brought some top-quality lubricants, along with sex-inducing gels and more.

In terms of effectiveness, we have sex drops that would keep users high on sexuality. Remember, all these adult products are solely related to sexual wellness and not intended to affect one’s health.


Long Distance Sex Toys in India

Love and lust can be shown from long distances. These are app-based and work on the support of Bluetooth.  

It hardly matters where you and your partner are located. Once she owns the device and a smartphone, she would be able to enjoy the effects. Once correctly installed, both would be connected and get indulged in a hot cuddling session.


How to Place an Order at Goldsextoy?

If you visit our online sex toys store in India, you will take no time or effort to place an order. Now, take a quick look at the two ways in which you can place an order:


Order from Our Website

Just like one shops flexibly from an online sex toys store in India, here also one would find easy steps to proceed and place the order. You can pay in cash or online, whichever you wish.


Order through a Sales Executive

Alternatively, our online sex toys store in India provides this facility for everyone to call up its sales executive and accept an order request. Thereafter, customers will have to provide details so that the order can be processed without any complications.


Our Success Stories in Big Cities

Since the year 2016, our online sex toys store in India has covered a long journey. Here are the locations:


Sex Toys in Mumbai

We have received the most number of orders from the hot and happening city, Mumbai. Orders came for various products starting from luxury and realistic vibrators to pussy pumps, cock rings, silicone dolls, and whatnot. Not only males, the demand for sex toys for females in India was also quite high here. The last six months have shown a major rise in sex toys in Mumbai.


Sex Toys in Kolkata

Kolkata has always been the hotspot where men and women have sounded quite enthusiastic about adult toys. Among these, there are sex toys for females as well as sex toys for males, in India. Starting from luxury vibrators to spider sower masturbators, strap-ons to and glass dildos we have made thousands happy and contented with our sex toys in Kolkata.


Sex Toys in Delhi

Delhi is where we made it possible to sell the highest number of app control vibrators. We talked to many couples who said they want different toys to play with. So, these vibrators were sold in the highest numbers throughout the city among the sex toys in Delhi. The demand for sex toys for males in India and sex toys for females in India were quite good here in this city.


Sex Toys in Chennai

The demand for lubes and gels was high in Chennai. A good number of men asked for desensitizers and penis sleeve extenders along with cock rings. Even queries showered for extender sleeves and other sex toys for males in India. All these sex toys in Chennai are superior in quality and assure an awesome experience for users.


Our Popular Adult Products at Goldsextoy

Goldsextoy has been quite active in bringing such awesome products that have brought sea changes in the lives of men, women, and couples as well. So, here are a few of our sex toys in India that have gained popularity over time:

Take a look:


Vibrating Massager

Undoubtedly, the vibrating massager is a popular product that has always kept couples engaged in enjoying foreplays. Well, women of all ages enjoy playing it and this is what makes it one of the most talked-about female sex toys in India.


Spider Sower Masturbator

Men will now have satisfying solos with this new-age spider sower masturbator. Being compact and hands-free, this is sure to bring lone men hours of happiness on the bed. With these sex toys for male in India, men will have all their fantasies coming true.


Big Artificial Vagina

If you have been one of those men craving vaginas, the big artificial vagina is bound to allure you. This has been the most demanding sex toy for women in India as per Goldsextoy. These products usually comprise hot and realistic female figures along with genitals. These sex toys for males in India are safe to use and made of top-quality silicone. Among the male sex toys in India, the big artificial vaginas have been counted to be quite happening.


Realistic Vibrator

Women always love to have fun and excitement as much as possible in bed. In this context, the realistic vibrator is a sensational sex toy that is surely going to make women feel on top of the world. As the name says everything, these vibrators are real and look exactly like the male penis. Also, these vibrators come with vibration patterns that make the experience more intense. These male sex toys in India have allured attention from various corners of the country and will continue doing so in the long run.


Cock Ring

No more sad stories for erection as here comes the most amazing cock rings among the sex toys in India for men. These cock rings have been reported to be bringing confidence and satisfaction to men during their intimate moments. So, men who want their penis to stay hard for a long time can go for cock ring.


Super Girl

Men who are concerned about having a higher libido will love playing with the Super Girl. She is undoubtedly hot, seductive, almost real, and cuddly. These girls look so hot that men would hardly take time to meet their carnal desires in no time.

Till now, Goldsextoy has come across plenty of orders regarding Super Girl. Those orders were from cities like Bangalore, Thane, Hyderabad, and Mumbai. We have other types of dolls which are also quite realistic and perfect to give men blissful sex life. All these are safe and skin-friendly as well.

So, you can see how these sex toys in India have changed the lives of so many men and women alike. Well, all our products are intended to promote health and wellness and not for any explicit or illegal purpose. With time, we will bring more and more toys and accessories so that one can proudly say, “I have a rocking sex life”.

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Mr R.
Big Finger Vibe LXV-014
Big Finger Vibe LXV-014
Color HEATHER Total Length 7.4 Insertable Length 3.5 Dia 3.2 Material SILICONE Rechargable No Wireless No No. of...
Fantastic Vibrations
I can't get enough of the vibrations. It gives me the strongest orgasm since it tickles exactly in the right place. The easiest thing about using this toy is how easy it is to maintain and clean.
aditi s.
Ultra Silicone Rotating Dick(Vibrating) RSV- 010
Ultra Silicone Rotating Dick(Vibrating) RSV- 010
Ultra Silicone Rotating Dick Realistic Vibrator is Long-lived and waterproof. Easy to clean, just use water to clean.Very convenient. This Product is Best Product For Female....
I am a better performer now
I've been trying hard to make my performance better in bed. Finally, I got this vibrator and guess what? It worked like magic! I often ask my man to do it for me; he loves doing it so muchI must say every girl should give a try!
Miss M.
Very good product but a bit pricey
I loved the product to be honest! The moment I unpacked it and started pumping, it came back to a big, thick dick. My girlfriend was thrilled and took no time to jump on the bed. She had a great time playing with it. What bothers me only is its price which could be a bit less. Otherwise, the product rocks!
Jitendra s.
Can't believe
I really can't believe in getting such a great product at this price. The vibration patterns of this toy are really amazing. It is so easy to use and I can change the speed of vibration as per my wish with the cute little remote.
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